1I haven't got a Stargas cylinder, can you fill my old bottles?
Sorry, but it is illegal for anyone to fill a cylinder which belongs to another gas company, as we have no record of cylinder tests, age or contents - these must be repatriated with their rightful owner.
2How do I return an unwanted cylinder?
You can return your cylinder to any of our agents for a refund on your deposit. The refund will depend on the time you have the bottle and the size of the bottle.
3Will my regulator fit your cylinder?
Our cylinders are fitted with standard industrial gas valves used by companies such as BOC & Air Products. If you have been using an industrial gas cylinder previously, your regulators will fit.
4Does the cylinder belong to me once I pay?
No. Cylinders belong to Stargas at all times, this also means that we are responsible for the cylinders maintenance. However, there are no time restraints on how long you keep the Stargas cylinder.
5My new cylinder seems lighter than the last, is that normal?
The weight of the container may vary but content remains the same.
6In the unlikely event of you purchasing a faulty cylinder, what should you do?
Take your cylinder back to the agent as soon as possible.
7I think my cylinder has been underfilled, what should I do?
Unlike our filling equipment, which have certified gauges which are routinely calibrated, typical gas contents gauges on your regulator are not, even the slightest knocks can effect them - if it reads less than 2/3 of stated pressure, it may be worth returning the cylinder to your local stockist for us to check.
8How do I order my first cylinder?
It's best to deal direct with your local Stargas agent.
9Do your cylinders have an expiry date?
Gas cylinders require a test usually every 10 years, a 'test ring' is located around the cylinder valve which indicates when it should next be tested. Cylinders are safe to use after the date has passed, however they won't be refilled after being returned to us until they have been retested.
10Can I upgrade my bottle?
Yes you are able to upgrade to a bigger bottle. Fees apply.
11Can I order cylinders direct from you?
Yes, but we would prefer if you went to one of our agents.
12Are all cylinders the same size?
Physical dimensions may vary slightly but contents remain the same.
13Why is my gas pressure lower when it's cold?
Gas expands as temperature increases and vice versa. As the ambient temperature drops, it will result in a lower pressure reading. Stargas cylinder pressure ratings are filled based on 15ºC
14My gas isn't lasting long, what should I do?
Perform a check on your system for leaks, if a leak cannot be found it may be that you have your flow rate set too high. Make sure you turn the cylinder off by its valve when you are finished using it, as even a small leak can empty your cylinder over time.
15Do I have to refill at the same stockist?
No, our system is designed that you can use any agent which is most convenient, this is especially handy if you're a mobile welder, you move house or we allocate a new agent closer to you.
16Can I use industrial grade CO2 on my home brewing equipment?
Although our CO2 gas cylinders are filled from the same bulk source, it is advised to use food grade CO2 for all home brewing. The cylinders are segregated minimalising the chances of cross contamination.
17Can I transfer gas from one cylinder to another?
Under no circumstances should this be done. Not only does this affect the gas mix it can result in catastrophic accidents.
18Will there be an agent near me soon?
We hope so! We are always on the look out for potential agents who have a business which fits with Stargas. If you know of a company near you who may be interested in stocking our products please feel free to send us their details, or better still, let them know about us.
19Who owns Stargas?
Stargas is a division of SWP Group in Limerick.

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