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Star MIG Universal (4-10mm)

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We are a leading supplier of bottled gases via our large stockist network throughout Ireland.
Model: Star-MIG Universal
Star MIG Universal is an advanced range of shielding gases delivering superior welding performance, productivity and lowering customer operating costs.The gases are simple to use, achieve fast travel speeds resulting in minimal distortion and spatter and provide consistently good penetration and fus..
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Ex Tax:€261.00
Star MIG Universal Refill (4-10mm)
Model: Star-MIG Universal Refill
*Please Note*   When Purchasing a refill is it essential to have a Stargas Cylinder to exchange upon collection of your refill. You will not receive your new cylinder unless you have a Stargas cylinder to exchange.Star MIG Universal is an advanced range of shieldin..
Starting From €118.08
Ex Tax:€96.00
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Welding Gases

Whatever your welding gas usage, we offer a range of different sized cylinders so that we can supply to an array of different markets.Order Here


Parties & Weddings
Are you looking for helium for balloons? At Stargas we offer a range of Rent Free refillable 9L, 20L, 47L helium cylinders.Order Here


Industrial Grade
Oxygen is commonly used as a fuel gas for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering and gives a much higher temperature than if air is used.Order Here


Brazing & Soldering
Propylene can be used for hand cutting, machine cutting, flame hardening, metalizing, brazing, soldering, welding and pre-heating.Order Here

Beer Gas

Cellar & Home Bar
Our quality, mixed beer gas solutions can help to improve the taste of beer & extend the life of your customers favourite draught beers.Order Here

Propane Gas

Heating & Cooking
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CO2 Gas

Hydroponics & Growth
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Nitrogen Gas

Air Conditioning
Perfectly suited to be used in the Air Conditioning / Refrigeration industry to purge moisture while repairing pipes.Order Here

Paintball CO2

Paintball Tank Filling
Our company is one of very few gas bottle suppliers in Ireland that continue to offer rent free Co2 bottles.Order Here

Nitrogen Gas

Motor Sports
Stargas offer a range of Rent Free Nitrogen Gas cylinders for all uses. Provided in 9L, 20L and 50L.Order Here

Contract Filling

Cylinder Filling Service
Stargas provide a gas cylinder filling services for CO2 gas bottles, Nitrogen gas bottles, Oxygen, Argon and Helium.Order Here

Butane Gas

Bottles and Refills
Butane gas is perfect for camping and caravanning as it can be used for portable heating – which is great both in the summer and winter time.Order Here

Forklift / Auto Gas

Warehouse Gas
A fast and dependable supply of forklift gas, at a very competitive price, to keep your business moving.Order Here

Industrial Gases

50L Gas Cylinders
Stargas now offer a range of Rent Free 50 Litre industrial gas cylinders for factories and businesses throughout Ireland.Order Here